Easy Fresh Mango Salsa

Easy Fresh Mango Salsa. Do you love salsas with fruit in them? I used to think it was really weird, but over the years have developed a strong love for anything with a sweet and spicy kick to it. I am sure this has to do with being married to a man who is obsessed with spice. I have created dishes out of just about everything spicy you can imagine, but the sweet and spicy always draws us in! Mango Salsa Ingredients One of the things that makes this salsa so simple to throw together is it has minimal ingredients. Let me just show you! Mangoes– I know, obvious right. I used champagne mangos for mine. The key is making sure those mangoes are ripe. There are a few ways to tell. The mango should have turned from green to orange, yellow, or red, depending on the variety. It should also give a little when you press gently on it. Not too much, otherwise, it is overly ripe. Those are perfect for smoothies though. Jalapenos– Make sure and seed these, not because of the heat, but because I hate biting into seeds in a fruit salsa. Another option for hot peppers is serranos. These are some of my favorite hot pepper and have a little more heat than the jalapeno. The flavor is so good too! Red onions– I like to chop these pretty fine for the salsa. I generally don’t mind a good chunk of onion, but not here. Fresh-Squeezed Lime Juice– Really though, the juice from a bottle just isn’t the same. Cayenne Pepper– This salsa gets its heat from 2 sources, the fresh jalapenos, and the cayenne powder. I love the cayenne pepper as it comes on a little after the initial heat. It is the perfect complement to the mangos too! Salt– You don’t use much, but it is really important to use at least a little. Making The Salsa Making the salsa is really simple. I mean, it takes a little time to cut up the mangos and peppers. After that is comes together quickly. So, start with your mangos. I cut in half around the pit. Then with a spoon, I scoop out the mango. Then cut it into pieces. You can do this in reverse if you prefer. Cut into pieces while the skin is still on then scoop it out. To me, it doesn’t really matter. Just as a note- if you have never worked with hot peppers before, be mindful. You can wear gloves if you prefer. Or just wash your hands really, really well when you are done. Also, don’t touch your eyes with the juice on your hands. On a personal note too, make sure your contacts are in before cutting peppers. Even after washing my hands several times, my contacts burned going in the day I made this salsa. Rookie mistake! Now, throw it all together in a bowl and mix well. Your dry ingredients will be the variable in the recipe. So, after it is all mixed together, adjust the cayenne pepper and salt as needed. Ways To Serve The Mango Salsa We ate this batch just with tortilla chips, but there are a lot of other options as well! Served over grilled or baked fish. Fish is generally so neutral, it is the perfect base for this salsa. What over your favorite Lime-Cilantro Grilled Chicken? I am here for that! With your favorite tacos. No brainer, right? How about over these Chicken Tostadas? Yes, please! Over your favorite salad. I make plenty of taco salads here and this is an awesome addition. With your favorite Buddha Bowl. Buddha bowls are a hit in our house as you can customize. This salsa is a great addition to your Buddha Bowl of choice. It would be perfect over this Shrimp Buddha Bowl we love. Or even this Blackened Halibut Bowl. Yum!! Other Mix-In Options If you are looking for other ways to mix this up, let me share a few: You can always use another tropical fruit in the mix. Pineapple is one of our favorites. I also made a Peach Jalapeno Salsa that is so good! As soon as they come in season it is on the menu! If you want to try out different peppers, here are a few recommendations. If you do not like spice, switch the jalapenos out for bell peppers. If you do like heat and want other options, how about serranos. These are a personal favorite. My hubby also LOVES habanero with his sweet and spicy dishes. How about mixing in some avocados? They add in a pleasant creaminess that I am really into! You can also swap out the lime juice for lemon if you prefer. This is an easy swap.
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