Achinga payar thoran – yard long beans stirfry

I can say for sure that when it comes to your long term couple goals, place companionship first than any other thoughts that come to your mind. Certainly, after a while, you just want to enjoy the company and have silly squabbles over nothing to keep your day going. We have one such love squabble topic french beans vs yard long beans. My husband grew up with more beans than the yard-long beans. Call it snake beans, long padded cowpea or Chinese beans, what we fondly call achinga payar was the one that grew up with. I love them in certain recipes over the others. This becomes the beginning of our little tiffs. There is however one recipe that works with both beans and this achina payar. Maybe the only one we agree upon if they are interchanged. Achinga payar thoran The combination amma made always for any sadhya was the payar thoran with sambhar. Tasted so good with a crushed papadam. I guess it is the flavours of the coconut that works so well with these fresh legume pods. If it is a fresh tender batch of pods it oy needs a few minutes in the heat to cook.
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